About us

 Minetta Wax Co was founded by Anthony Lawson in 2020 to shed light upon Minetta Lane's much overlooked history as part of Little Africa. In the second half of the 19th century and early 20th century, Minetta Lane was part of a thriving black community referred to as Little Africa, a place where black people not only prosperred but lived hand in hand with people of all different kinds.

Our hand poured candles take their names from our founder's Great Aunts from Mississippi: Vignetta (Sandalwood), Lily Bee (Black Currant), Rosie Mae (Oud Wood), Girtrude (Vetiver), and Ruth Pearl (Fig). While referencing his own personal history, Lawson also makes a subtle nod to hopes for a future of unity through the aesthetics of the candle. Our line of artisan candles are a beautiful addition to any home; with a thoughtfully curated exterior and incredible scent permeation, Minetta Wax Co will become a household favorite.
Founder, Anthony Lawson
Minetta Lane, 1914
The Lawson Sisters, year unknown